How Long Do Scleral Lenses Last?

Some ocular conditions make it difficult for people to wear regular lenses. If you have dry eye or irregular corneas, you may benefit from scleral lenses. These are hard, large-diameter lenses that vault over the cornea, resting on the sclera. They are gas-permeable materials that are breathable to enhance comfort. 

If you are thinking about this vision correction option consult your eye doctor at HineSight Vision Care, it is helpful to find out how long scleral lenses last. 


How Scleral Lenses Work

Scleral lenses rest on the white part of the eye (sclera), stabilizing them since they do not move on the eye. The smooth surface helps fill cornea irregularities. They fit the exact shape of the patient’s eyes, and they help keep the eyes hydrated. Always store the lenses in a sterile saline solution.

Computerized corneal topography creates a 3-D image of the eye surface, considering the curves, depressions, and elevation. The lenses provide comfort and stability. They allow a wide range of vision, and they can reduce sensitivity to glare.


Reasons for Getting Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses help correct vision while protecting the eyes from exposure to harmful elements. They provide oxygen, which is beneficial for people with certain eye irregularities or conditions like dry eye. The lenses can reduce an individual’s need for eyeglasses for good vision. 

They can help alleviate conditions such as corneal ectasia and keratoconus. Patients recovering from post-surgical complications can wear the lenses to protect the eye. You can wear the lenses daily for up to 16 hours. 


Who Can Wear Scleral Contacts?


Scleral lenses fit any eye shape and are constructed based on the sclera and cornea measurements and the patient’s ocular irregularity or condition. The lenses can help enhance ocular healing, making them a non-invasive option for patients with compromised vision. 

They are big, but they fit under the eyelids, and it is easy to wear them. Unlike regular contacts, they do not fall out with ease and do not cause pain during removal. 


How Long Do Scleral Lenses Last?

With proper maintenance, scleral lenses can last up to two years. It makes them an efficient option for many people. The lenses are more delicate than regular contacts and require more care. 

Use a specialized sterile solution for cleaning and disinfecting the lenses. Remove them before sleeping and never use tap water to clean them. The frequency and quality of care will determine how long you can wear the contacts. 


Cost of Scleral Lenses 

Scleral lenses are costlier than regular contact lenses. Their cost depends on the lens type, manufacturer, technology, and material used to develop them. The cost of fitting is higher because they require additional tests and measurements. 

More follow-up appointments are necessary to evaluate the fit and eye condition. The prescription is different from your eyeglass prescription. It is not unusual to go for adjustments after the initial personal trial lenses. It helps ensure optimal results. 

Scleral contact lenses allow people to benefit from vision correction without discomfort. The lenses do not interfere with the natural process and provide clear vision. 

For more on how long scleral lenses last, visit HineSight Vision Care at our office in Flowood, Mississippi. You can also call (601) 519-4466 to book an appointment today.

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